Upper Body Saturday

I must say upper body is not my favorite part of the body to workout, but in order to be a well rounded athlete I have to include it in my exercise schedule. My workout today was mostly cables and machines, since I had limited time. The workout goes like this:

Before starting make sure to stretch well. I’ve made the mistake of not stretching before and believe me you’ll regret it.

  1. Close-Grip Lat pulldown ( front )
  2. Rear pulldown
  3. V-Bar pulldown
  4. Seated cable row
  5. Rope triceps extensions
  6. Biceps curls ( machine )
  7. Shoulder press ( machine )
  8. Pectoral fly ( machine )

Do 4 sets for each exercise, each set with 8-10 reps. The weight varies depending on your fitness level. You have the option of keeping the same weight each set, or increasing the weight little by little with each set. I personally find the second option works better for warming up my muscles. The weight added should be keep to a minimum, I add between 5-10 pounds to each set.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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